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Ownership & Management

Valor 'K is your aircraft management and operational specialist. 


From your first step through to your first flight, Valor 'K is there beside you to help you navigate the complex process of selecting, purchasing and operating your very own Time Machine. Whether for business or private usage, Australian or offshore registered, we have you covered.

Our ultimate goal is to assist you and to ensure you have made the best decision of your life. We clearly outline all the costs associated with owning and operating your very own aircraft so that no unexpected expenses catch you off guard.

The two main management options available for aircraft are sole ownership and fractional ownership.

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Sole Ownership

Sole Ownership requires a slightly higher capital investment. Valor 'K will tailor a package to your exacting needs and specific flight requirements. 


Owning your very own Time Machine is most beneficial if your annual flight time exceeds 150 hours. 


You will have ultimate control over where and when your aircraft is flying.


Aircraft Management is our core business. We tailor every management program to our client's exacting needs. 

With Safety, Security, Privacy and Timeliness front of mind, we are seen and not heard. Your privacy is assured, and that's our promise. 

The Valor 'K service levels allow you to select the amount of control you are comfortable with, from a complete "Turn-Key" service level through to a fully tailored individual agreement. You are in command.

Your aircraft will have a dedicated manager who has your asset and safety as their number one priority. If there is any way we can make your aircraft more affordable, safe or just less hassle, you can be assured you will know about it. That is our guarantee.

Valor 'K  pilots are highly experienced, from airline backgrounds and generally from senior roles in their respective positions. Our pilots are trained and tested in full-motion simulators by CASA approved Flight Examiners.

Your safety is our top priority.

Fractional Ownership

Fractional Jet Ownership provides you with all the benefits of owning your very own Time Machine at a fraction of the cost. This ownership model is best suited to people or businesses flying less than 150 hours per year. 


It is an extremely cost-effective option as all fixed costs (insurances, maintenance and crew fees, etc.) are shared amongst all the owners, reducing the burden on an owner's cash flow.

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