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Our aircraft have been clean, tidy and sanitised well before COVID. We continue to maintain this exceptionally high standard to ensure every passenger on every flight is safe and in a clean environment.
Valor 'K Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership No Wait Times

No Wait Times

Most people may not know that when flying privately, you waste a lot less time waiting around busy and congested airports. There is no need to arrive hours prior to departure or queue for check in and security. Simply arrive just before you're due for departure, grab a fresh coffee, drink or biscuit from the private terminal and board your aircraft for taxiing.

Valor 'K Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership Unparallelled Security & Privacy

Unparallelled Security & Privacy

When flying privately, you decide who is on board with you. Whether it is just you, a group of executives or some close friends or family. This brings unmatched security.

You can work on those proprietary documents without fear of prying eyes or discuss private topics without ears listening in. 

Valor 'K Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership Reduced Fatigue

Reduced Fatigue

Private aircraft boast very low cabin pressures. This means that although the aircraft can fly at up to 45,000ft the cabin pressure can be as low as just 3,000ft. This coupled with a higher oxygen concentration in the cabin ensures you land in a revitalised state. Additionally, reducing wasted time in airports and connecting flights means that you can remain productive.

Valor 'K Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

When flying privately, you can be as much as 80% more productive than when flying commercially.

How? We can get closer to wherever you are, servicing much smaller airports, cutting down on transit times. Additionally, you aren't required to arrive hours prior to your departure or sit in congested airport lounges. You arrive to complete privacy where you can make private phone calls or work uninterrupted in an office suite until you are ready to board. Once boarded you can continue to work unlike commercial air travel where you are waiting for potentially hundreds of other passengers to board and be seated as well.

Finally once on board, you can continue to work in you very own private office.

Take a moment to calculate how many hours you lose per year waiting for commercial air travel using our Cost Comparison Calculator.

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