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How it Works

Valor 'K is your aircraft management and operational specialist. We can assist with all the technicalities involved in selecting and purchasing your aircraft and provide the operational support you need to make your Time Machine work for you. Valor 'K has the management options to fit your exacting needs, whether for business or private use. We have you covered.

​We want your aircraft acquisition to be the best decision you have ever made. The required investment for the management and operation of your Time Machine is clearly explained, ensuring no unexpected costs catch you off guard.

The two main management options available for your aircraft are Sole and Fractional ownership.

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Valor 'K Present Findings Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership

Step 2: Present Findings

Valor 'K will analyse your needs and budget and put together the most suitable aircraft option(s) for your requirements. Step 1 and Step 2 may happen multiple times.

Our management and operational projections ensure you know exactly how much you can expect to pay to operate your aircraft.

Valor 'K Trial Flight Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership

Step 4: Trial Flight

After identifying the aircraft that works for you and understanding the costs involved, the next step is a test drive.  Valor 'K will arrange a charter flight in your selected aircraft to experience all the benefits your aircraft provides. Now you're ready for your very own Time Machine.

Valor 'K Purchase the Aircraft Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership

Step 5: Purchasing the Aircraft

Valor 'K  leverages our contacts within the industry. If you have chosen to purchase a new aircraft, we will introduce you to the manufacturers representative. If a pre-flown aircraft is your preference, we will present a number of select aircraft for your review. Valor 'K acts as a buyers agent through this process, guiding you around all the pitfalls and regulatory hurdles involved in the purchase to ensure you receive the best deal possible.

Valor 'K Analysing Suitability Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership

Step 1: Analysing Suitability

We discuss your needs and budget with you. We want to understand what you want from your Time Machine. How many hours per year you think you will fly, how far do you think you'll travel and how many people will accompany you onboard? 

Valor 'K Operation Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership

Step 6: Operation

When the aircraft arrives in the country, it will then begin its service. We will work closely with you to ensure your Time Machine makes you smile every time you take it for a spin. 

Valor 'K Tailored Management and Operational Progams Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership

Step 3: Tailor a Management and Operational Program

Valor 'K has 3 Service Levels ranging from a full service "turn-key" solution to a specifically tailored solution for your exacting requirements. Valor 'K will provide the management program that works for you. 

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