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Grahame Murray

I have been fascinated with aircraft since primary school. Every time I heard an aeroplane, I would look up (and still do) and spend all day at the farm strip when the Ag Plane was spreading super. 

I commenced learning to fly whilst finishing year 12 at High School, working on farms as a labourer, saving enough money for an hour flight lesson once per week. All my study was completed by correspondence, including my Air Transport Pilot Licence (ATPL) exams.


I have been a professional Pilot my entire working life.

From dropping parachutist, outback charter flights, multi-crew regional airline flying and Flying Operations Inspector with the Civil Aviation Safety Authority. There's not much I haven't done, been or seen.

My Flight Examiner and Flight Instructor privileges permit me to issue aircraft type ratings, training pilots on various aircraft types, issue and renew instrument ratings and test pilots for their Air Transport Pilot Licence, the highest licence category attainable. These qualifications also require me to be tested by the CASA biannually to ensure I remain proficient. 

As a CASA Inspector and type specialist for many business jets, I had a front-row seat to Australian Business Aviation operations. At the time, Australia continued to use aircraft that kept getting older and older. CASA even produced a white paper on General Aviation's aging fleet; such was their concern. The workhorses in this segment were 30 to 40 years old! The aircraft sales companies referred to Australia as a second-hand market as hardly anyone purchased new. Old aircraft may seem cheap, but just like all old machinery, maintenance increases with age. After all, if old aircraft were economical, Jetstar would have purchased old B747's not new B787's.

In 2015 Valor 'K started. 

The goal was to provide business's with modern aircraft, 10 years or newer, and show it was economically possible and could contribute to a Company's bottom line. Your aircraft is a Time Machine for business and not for the exclusivity of the rich and famous.

At Valor 'K, our core value is to provide Safe, Secure, Private and Timely aircraft management and operations. These are not throw away lines; these values underpin everything Valor 'K does. I believe there is no point investing in your own aircraft and then accepting a Management Company that only just makes the minimum regulatory requirements - far below that of the airline environment, your own aircraft lets you escape. Valor 'K provides a professional, quality service at a fair price - You will find cheaper, but not better.

If you are considering or want to find out more about owning your own Time Machine, contact us, and I promise we will make it easy. 

Give me a call if you want. I can talk aeroplanes all day - it's in my blood.

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