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Valor 'K Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership Safety Guarantee


Valor 'K uses modern aircraft fitted with the latest technological advancements, providing you with the highest level of safety available.

All our pilots are trained in world-class facilities recommended by the manufacturer.

Valor 'K incorporates industry best practices in all its operations.​

Our goal is to go above and beyond to ensure you are safe. Valor 'K meets or exceeds airline standards for every flight.

Valor 'K Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership Secure Security Guarantee


Whilst on board, your work and your personal conversations are away from prying eyes and eavesdroppers, leaving you in a very private, secure and productive space.

Whether it is a group or just yourself onboard, security is assured.

Valor 'K Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership Private Privacy Guarantee


You won't find us mentioning you, your Company or where you've been on social media, in a news feed or splashed on your television. Our highest priority is your privacy.


You access your aircraft through private terminals away from crowded airports and prying eyes.

You dictate whom you fly with, whether that be a board of directors or just yourself.


It's your call, and it's the gold standard for privacy.

Valor 'K Aircraft Management Fractional Jet Ownership Time Timeliness Guarantee


We work to your schedule and maintain the highest level of communication through our proprietary solutions. 


Upon your arrival at the private terminal, free parking is in abundance. You are greeted by the private terminal staff and escorted to the lounge - light refreshments are delivered to you as you await the remainder of your party. You merely let your Captain know when you are ready to board your waiting aircraft, located just metres from where you got out of your car.


With 24/7 crew readiness Valor 'K waits for you. You just have to say where and when.

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