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Typically Australia is known worldwide as the place old aircraft go to finish out the final years of their service life. Coupled with archaic operational companies, Australia makes an excellent recipe for a less than desirable aircraft ownership and operating experience.

Valor 'K was founded in early 2015 and set out to challenge the status quo. As such, Valor 'K is arguably one of the fastest-growing aircraft operators here in Australia.

We don't have big flashy offices in capital cities. Valor 'K has embraced the new age of virtual offices and remote staffing utilising the latest specialised software.  The aircraft is based where you want it to be, and our flight crew and staff live where they want to live, giving us access to the best talent available. 

Owning your very own Time Machine provides excellent value, and it is our mission to assist you from start to finish. We work with you to ensure the aircraft chosen is the most suitable for your requirements and the most economical option. Your new aircraft may be more accessible than you might think. We provide the total solution, so you don't experience any unexpected or unnecessary costs. 

Valor 'K is a modern aviation company designed from the ground up with the customer in mind. We have the highest degree of flexibility and skill and can work harmoniously with you and your business.


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