Purchasing Private Aircraft

Valor 'K employs a large range of aircraft to suit your direct requirements. These range from light jet through to ultra-long-range aircraft.


We take great care in hand selecting some of the safest and most technologically advanced aircraft in the world today.


At Valor 'K our top priority is your safety and security. Our staff are intrinsically driven to maintain the highest level of customer service and repeatability for all customers.


Fractional jet ownership gives you all of the benefits of owning your own aircraft for a fraction of the price. Fixed costs such as insurances and maintenance data are all shared while costs for fuel and engine programs are lower because of the higher utilisation.


Our aircraft management program makes managing your own aircraft seamless and hassle-free.


We insure it, fuel it, maintain it and fly it.


All you have to do is say where and when and we will be there.


Let Valor 'K guide you through your next aircraft purchase today.


Whilst we have different tiers and packages to suit your needs.

You can own your own jet today for as little as US$350,000

and at the end of the contract receive your share of the total sale proceeds.

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