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Does it cost less to own my own plane as opposed to participating in a shared jet ownership?

If you fly fewer than 300 hours per year whole ownership is not a sound business investment. Whole aircraft ownership can tie up capital that would otherwise be earning interest.

Do you offer any membership programs on older aircraft?

The first and most important core value at Valor 'K is safety and for this reason, we only operate aircraft that are less than 10 years old at the time of purchase to ensure the latest advancements in avionics. Our theory is you are not likely to purchase a 30-year-old car because they can be unreliable and lack modern safety advancements aircraft are much the same, except you can pull over in a car.

Do you offer membership programs on other aircraft?

At Valor 'K our first and most important core value is safety and because of this we only operate twin or tri-engine jet aircraft. We have gone to great lengths to ensure that the aircraft we have chosen are some of the safest aircraft in their class and are best suited to operating in Australia both regionally and internationally. We do not operate piston engine or single engine aircraft.

Does owning and operating your own aircraft give you increased freedom?

Owning and operating your own aircraft means you're managing a business unit. This includes but is not limited to; hiring and firing pilots and crew, scheduling maintenance and operations, costs of unplanned incidents, ensuring audit and regulatory schedules are adhered to, managing legal responsibilities associated with owning your own aircraft, organising cleaning and storage for your aircraft and much more.

What happens when my aircraft is down for maintenance?

With Valor 'K you can use your hours towards alternate aircraft in this instance.

What if some of the crew are sick or using some of their 6 weeks worth of annual leave?

Valor 'K take care of all crewing issues behind the scenes so you don't have to worry. We provide our customers with 24/7 crew readiness so that you can fly when it works to your schedule.

What if I need a different aircraft?

All customers of Valor 'K have the exclusive ability to use their flight hours towards alternate aircraft should the need arise.

Can I depreciate the aircraft for business use?

Yes. Valor 'K offers all customers the ability to depreciate their aircraft and its operational costings for business use.

What happens at the end of the contract?

The aircraft is either sold and the sale proceeds are divided amongst the fractional owners or the aircraft is traded on a new aircraft and a new contract is commenced.

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