Lost Busines Hours Calculator

Commercial Air Travel

Please use this calculator below to determine how many hours in productivity you and your company potentially lose sitting and waiting in busy and congested airports and en route. 


Please base all values as a one-way trip; the calculator assumes a return trip.​

These figures do not include travel to and from the airport and are based on being able to do some tasks (presentation preparation, spreadsheet work) while airborne as well as having some level of productivity while waiting for your flight.


When flying with Valor 'K these lost business hours are significantly reduced because your aircraft is waiting for you and we fly you direct to your destination without the need for connecting flights which substantially decreases your travel times. This coupled with the connected cabin leaves you in a very quiet, private and productive space so that you can work uninterruptedly en route.

If you obtained a figure higher than 50 lost business hours per annum or more than 1.4 whole weeks of lost productivity, please contact us because we can help your business' bottom line.

*This calculator uses a multiplier for the financial loss. A multiplier is what the total value of a given employee is worth to that business. As an example, a car mechanic may earn $40/hour. However, the company may choose to charge them out at $120/hour. That means that for every hour the mechanic is not working they cost your business $120/hour, not $40/hour.

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