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Fractional Jet Ownership & Aircraft Management

Are you thinking of buying your own aircraft, perhaps one that you personally, can fly?


That's right, you can fly it yourself or sit in the back. The choice is yours.


Valor 'K gives you the ability to own a share in a light jet for just US$350,000.


We take care of everything from, maintenance (scheduled and unscheduled), insurances, crew, service bulletins and hangarage to name just a few.


With fractional jet ownership, you get all of the benefits associated with owning your own aircraft at a fraction of the price. 


Valor 'K employs flat quarterly fees to ensure easy budgeting. 


It is the most cost-effective way of owning your own aircraft here in Australia. Fixed costs such as insurances and maintenance data are all shared while costs for fuel and engine programs are lower because of the higher utilisation.


The fractional jet ownership program at Valor 'K boasts 24/7 crew readiness and access to alternate aircraft because we understand that your needs can change.


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For sale second hand aircraft Cirrus, Beechcraft Baron, Phenom 100 Australia

*arrive and fly once all accreditation and apporpriate certification has been obtained. Conditions apply.