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Your Fractional Jet Ownership & Aircraft Management Specialist

We employ aircraft ranging from light jet to large intercontinental jets to suit your specific requirements.


All aircraft are the best in their respective classes.


We have selected the most suitable aircraft for maximising your safety and the Australasian geography, so you don't have too.


Fractional jet ownership gives you all of the benefits of owning your own aircraft for a fraction of the price while aircraft management makes managing your aircraft hassle free.


We insure it, fuel it, maintain it and fly it.


Just say where and when and we will be there.

Our Core Values
the valor 'k promise
Valor 'K Safe Travel Fractional Jet Ownership

With the use of modern aircraft, safety is maximised with the latest advancements applied.

All pilots are trained in world-class facilities recommended by the manufacturer.

Valor 'K incorporates industry best practice in all its operations.

Valor 'K Secure Travel Fractional Jet Ownership

While onboard your work and your conversations are away from prying eyes and eavesdroppers, leaving you in a very private and productive space.

Whether it is a group or just yourself onboard, your privacy is assured.

Valor 'K Private Travel Fractional Jet Ownership

You access your aircraft through private terminals away from crowded airports.

You dictate whom you fly with, whether that be a board of directors or just yourself. It's your call, and it is the gold standard for travel security.

Valor 'K Timely Fast Travel Fractional Jet Ownership

Upon your arrival at the private terminal free parking is in abundance and you speak to only your captain as you board your aircraft waiting just metres from where you got out of the car.

With 24/7 crew readiness

Valor 'K waits for you.

You just have to say where and when.

The Valor 'K Advantage

Valor 'K brings you an unparalleled advantage when compared to other modes of transport. Never have the advantages of owning your own aircraft ever been greater or more achievable.

Valor 'K Your Time Is Important Fractional Jet Ownershi

We work hard to give you more time to spend with those that mean the most and add value to your business.

Valor 'K Simplicity Ease of Booking Fractional Jet Ownership

Schedule your flights effortlessly for a time that works with your busy schedule.

Host meetings en route and take advantage of the built-in wifi for calls, texts and emails.

Valor 'K Visit Multiple Offices in a Day Fractional Jet Ownership

We fly direct from your point A to point B, allowing you to visit multiple offices and locations in a day's work.

Valor 'K Private Secure Quiet Cabin Fractional Jet Ownership

Work in complete privacy, without interruptions.

We maximise your safety with use of modern aircraft encompassing 

the latest advancements in avionics and pilot training

The advantages of flying privately


Whilst we have different tiers and packages to suit various business needs.

You can own your own jet today for as little as US$350,000

and at the end of the contract receive your share of the sale proceeds.

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