What Aircraft Do I Need?

Finding an aircraft to suit your needs can be very challenging. At Valor 'K it is our job to make that process effortless.


Valor 'K proudly bring you some of the safest and most technologically advanced aircraft in the world today.


Please take a moment to review the aircraft below to better understand which class of aircraft best suits your needs.

Aircraft Selector
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  • Flying predominantly within Australia

  • Usually with 5 or fewer people onboard


Super Mid

  • Flying predominantly Australia wide

  • Flying to New Zealand or South Asia a few times per year is normal

  • Usually with 8 or fewer people onboard

  • Flying predominantly throughout Australasia

  • Flying internationally a few times per year is normal

  • Usually 12 or fewer people onboard

Large Ultra Long Range

  • Flying predominantly throughout Australasia

  • Flying internationally happens more than 3 times per year

  • Usually 14 or fewer people onboard

Fractional VS Management

Now you know which size aircraft is best for you; the next step is to decide whether or not you are best suited to a Fractional Jet Ownership program or you require your own individual aircraft management program.


Fractional Jet Ownership allows you to have all the benefits of owning your own aircraft at a fraction of the cost. This is also well suited to people or businesses flying less than 300 hours per year. It is the most cost-effective option because all fixed costs (insurances, maintenance and crew fees etc.) are shared amongst all owners.


Aircraft Management requires a higher capital investment. With Aircraft Management, Valor 'K tailor a package to your exacting needs and flight requirements. Owning your own aircraft is most beneficial if your annual flight time exceeds 300 hours. You also have the ultimate say when it comes to where and when your aircraft is flying.


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